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Taboom is a mobile application, focused on the Brazilian market. It brings audience closer to artists through livestreams.

Having more than 500k users, the same user flow and interface since its launch in 2021, the product team figured out it was about time to make the journey more welcoming, and showing relevant content to people that are new to the app, as well as the ones that already using it.

Stanford University
User Experience & Visual Design

To design, prototype, and scope a new homepage experience, inspiring  the audience to get interested in watching and participating in the livestreams, while showcasing the variety of events and creators using the app.

I was responsible to research and explore various solutions in the redesign of our current experience. The goal was to go wide, then iterate according to user feedbacks and business needs.

Previous Experience

The interface had a fundamental problem: no clarity in what the users should do, especially if there was no event going live. There were around 10 different buttons and a mix of content that doesn't help at all in showcase what the app is about. To improve the experience, we heard that users were also having other issues:

  • Unable to scroll down the screen,
  • Information was not clearly displayed,
  • Users not adding events to their watchlist,
  • As the app popularity grew, the space to showcase the events guide became unable to handle the demand

Showcase variety of livestream events

Promote content creators

Get to know users and their interests

Key objectives

Increase time users spend in the app

Show events happening 24/7

Promote and sell products using Live Commerce Feature

What's the best way to present Taboom livestreams guide to users, with interesting content in a delightful and comprehensive way? The team prepared three different interaction paradigms, with different approaches to user interests and product feature focus, prototyping for scenario and interviewing few users to understand the tradeoffs of each option.

We learned there are two types of people: the first group cares a lot about the personal approach while looking at the livestream options, and how customized to their needs their feed can be.

The second group looks at the scheduled livestreams very pragmatically, and searches for statistics and information that will give them a better sense of what interactions the livestreams are going to have.

Getting to know users

The customizable onboarding process brings value to the product and makes a great first impression for users.

By giving them an app overview of what is and asking what type of events they are interested in watching, Taboom could significantly improve user retention by tailoring experiences to meet user needs.

The first change I made was simplifying the splash screen, updating its look and feel, and giving alternative ways to create an account besides email.I added the option to skip the sign-up form, so the user can explore app without sharing their personal information; but also making it easy for them to access the login screen without having to hit a back button.

How can I make it seem less like a task, being quick, and not boring, to hopefully help with completion rates. Few options become expandable, and micro interactions brings playfulness to this step, that can be skippable. User can choose the main categories, Livestream formats and artists they are interested.

Your interests, your homepage

Learnings and feedback from users drove the design direction.

I explored dozens of different designs that got reviewed from everybody in the team and other stakeholders - VPs and the CEO. We decided to go with a hub and spoke navigation to match the different mindsets our users have when going through this moment of the experience.

Happening Now

The live events now have a looping video, bringing movement to the app's main area,  capturing user’s attention, being invited to watching current live events.

User Profile

Easy way for users access their preferences and personal information

Highlighted Events

Scrollable area where user can browse events happening live, and scheduled ones that match their interests.


Based on user’s interests - predefined during onboarding or in user profile settings, along with livestreams watched in the past.

Goods for Sale

Exclusive offers, available only during livestreams at the platform.

Become a Creator

An invitation for people to start creating content, and making money at the platform, while showcasing successful creators already using the platform


Next events manually added to user watchlist, in chronological order


Shortcut for user to set preferences on when and what events they want to receive alerts.


Highlighted livestream moments of the week, in a shorter format

Fixed Navigation

Easy access to Landing Page, Categories, Start Livestream, Watchlist and Search pages

Desktop View

Now that I had a strong solution for mobile, it was time to adapt that for a desktop experience, where I could take advantage of the screen sizes to show more relevant content. I designed few different versions - with different strengths and weaknesses. Along with the team, we narrowed down the options to a version the team found out to be more suitable for the business needs, while also taking in consideration feedback from user interviews.

Results & Impact

Top 10

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increase on Time spent at Homepage


users wanting to become creators


on product sales grow

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User Experience & Interface Design

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Product Management

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Quality Assurance

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